August 2017


We’ve been busy summer-ing, and there hasn’t been much opportunity to write.  Although I miss it, summer-ing has its own set of perks.  It’s turned out to be a gem of a summer. For the past few months, Cee has had little pain and stiffness.  Sure, there’s no cartilage in her hips, so her gait […]

How I Met My Frog

    Do you know the Frog and Toad books?  Toad is a worrier.  Sort of crotchety.  In the Arnold Lobel Personality Test, I lean more Toad.  Cautious.  Practical.  Wart-y. Click over to Everyday Ediths for the whole story.  And a chuckle.       *This post contains affiliate links.  If you order something from Amazon after […]