July 2017

The Lolly Awards:  Laughing Our Way Through Picture Books


With selling the house and a long rough patch with Cee’s illness, it’s all about keeping things light these days. (What’s a “Lolly?”  It’s an award we invented for the funniest of the funny books we discovered this summer.)   7. The Lolly for Best Comic goes to… Calvin and Hobbes There’s a scene where Calvin […]

MSB {35}:  Soil and the Thorns of Suffering

This blurry-ish picture is courtesy of Cee for My Sunday Best.  I’m wearing my favorite Lularoe Carly. And here’s the rest of the crew: That about sums it up.     Every week, I go into Mass expecting to get a little note from God.  (The readings used by the Catholic Church are pre-set.  The Catholics […]

Big Deals Big Deal

So.  Prime Day.  It’s a big deal.   We don’t have Amazon Prime, so I’m not sure I understand the deets.  But if I had to describe it, I’d say it’s a super exclusive purchase club, even cooler than Sam’s Club or Costco, where you get special access to unicorns and rainbows right from your […]

MSB {34}:  In or Out?  The Big Mass Question


  I got a new dress for My Sunday Best this week!  Lands’ End offers new prints and colors of their fit and flare dress every year, but I refuse to pay full price.  I watch their website like a hawk, waiting to add a new dress to my rotation if they offer the perfect storm […]

The Doctor Dating Game

    David and I value loyalty, and whether or not it’s misguided, we feel some loyalty to the pediatric rheumatologist who diagnosed and has been treating Cee.  But he’s basically said that there isn’t anything else that he can offer.  When I messaged his nurse to say we were looking at our options as […]