June 2017

Why is everyone else so beautiful and happy?

    I have a lot to be grateful for. A nice guy husband. Four sweet (and a teensy bit sour) kids. The ability to be home with said sweet and sour kids. A supportive extended family. I could go on and on. Even with all that, I’m feeling unsettled. Today is the eve of […]

MSB {32}: My Sunday House Best

Time for my weekly blog post!  I’m only mostly kidding.  I did post earlier this week about the ongoing crisis we face with Cee’s medication.  So it’s not the only only post this week. Quickety quick here’s my Mass summary.  Obligatory outfit picture and house stuffs to follow. Highlight:  Bea helping herself as the collection […]

Of Shots, Truth, and Worry

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    The other night, David gave Cee her Methotrexate shot right before bed.  Methotrexate is a chemotherapy drug that is used for SJIA because it shuts down the immune system.  Cee’s immune system is superhuman; it’s so powerful that it even attacks things that aren’t germs.  Like her joints.   Cee’s Methotrexate often makes […]

MSB {31}: Skydiving with the Holy Spirit


Okay.  Quick aside since with crazy crazy life life I’m pretty much only able to write once a week. I met Kirby from the Internet! The delightful Kirby blogs over at Under Thy Roof about faith, mothering, and ballet.  And it turns out she’s a real person! We both attended a homeschool conference in Minnesota this […]