May 2017

MSB {30}: Song Count Mass Tip

My Sunday Best!  With Cee and Bea!   We wore blue in honor of Ascension Sunday.  The other kids shimmied out of their church clothes as soon as they got through the door, so they missed out on the group picture.   No one was awful enough to be taken out of Mass today!  Cee hasn’t […]

Chasing Queen Frostine

    We had a phone conference with the rheumatologist in Cincinnati. He is reasonably certain that Cee does have SJIA. He is reasonably certain that her disease is not currently active. He has no explanation for her idiopathic chondrolysis of the hip.   (“Idiopathic chondrolysis” is the fancy way of saying “inexplicable disappearance of […]

A House Hot Mess


  We’ve been seriously looking at zero-entry, handicap accessible houses. I’ve started de-cluttering and cleaning and organizing in order to get our house ready to show.  ‘Cause we can’t buy a house until we offload this one. So it’s serious.  Scrub-the-shower-and-put-the-extra-towels-away serious. Do we need to move today? Nope.  Our house fits us. But we don’t […]

MSB {29}:  Troubled Hearts


We didn’t have any slithering today at Mass.  Or major blood gushing.  Overall it was not the worst ever, either. I wouldn’t say it was great…I did have to stop Moe from chewing my sweater (because that’s a thing?!?!).  And Bea got wiggly, so David took her out for a bit. During consecration Moe was […]

A Mulan Unit Study and a Call from Cincinnati

A Mulan Unit Study (The Cincinnati scoop is down below, in case you want to skip the cheerful toddler pics.)   This afternoon I noticed that Bea was sporting lavender eye shadow, which is particularly noteworthy because she is only a year and a half, and I don’t own any eye shadow. Putting two and […]

Day Two of New Possibilities

I woke up this morning in a tizzy and asked David to talk me down. “This is just day two of new possibilities,” he soothed. New possibilities. That’s both an exaggeration and an understatement. We’ve been keeping our ears to the ground for handicap accessible houses for years.  When Cee would have a flare, we’d […]

MSB {28}:  On Sheep and Over Zealous Picking

  If you’ve been following My Sunday Best for awhile, you know that occasionally I get a little cheat-sy.  I’m supposed to post a picture of what I wore to Mass.  Well, what I wore this week was pretty much the same as last time. So I offer the substitute picture of me and Bea […]

The Messiness of Mary's Motherhood


  I’m over at Everyday Ediths, writing about the theme this month– Motherhood. Jesus offers Mary to us, not only as a model and intercessor, but as someone who will hold our face in her hands and wipe our tears when life doesn’t make sense. When we can’t grasp how things can possibly get better. […]

Shouldn't this be easier?

I delight in being a mother.  In hearing my kids giggle.  In watching them reach new milestones. The achievement I am most proud of is keeping four small humans alive for the past eight years.   If all that is true, why is it so hard?  Why can’t we just build blanket forts, eat popcorn, […]