December 2016

Yellowstone!  A Wish Come True


We did a lot of prep work before leaving on our Make-A-Wish trip to Yellowstone.  I already was dealing with a lot of feelings about the whole thing, but our first family vacation did not disappoint!  Here are the seven key components of our Make-A-Wish trip this summer.   (We debated about wearing our Make-A-Wish […]

Best of Sweeping 2016


I sifted through my old posts to find the highlights from 2016 to link up with Revolution of Love.  Here are best posts, in no particular order, from Sweeping. -10- The Theology of Cheese -9- Momming in Solidarity -8- (Alternate title:  Things I want to punch now that I’m a parent)     -7- Make-A-Wish […]

2016 in 12 Pictures

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Revolution in Love is hosting a “2016 in 12 Pictures” linkup.  What a perfect way to get back into blogging after my thinking break.   We had a lovely spring and summer of 2016, but the fall and winter have been challenging.  It’s hard to look back at pictures of Cee walking, running, and playing […]

Dia & Co. Review: November 2016

I feel like I’ve been through it all in my relationship with Dia & Co.   My first box was like a great first date. Then with Box #2 we had our first fight.  It’s like Dia & Co. wasn’t even listening to me. I decided to talk about my needs, and we worked out […]

The Stories I Can't Tell

  A handful of people have asked if there’s been a resolution or conclusion to my crisis of vocation, time, and blogging.  I left off with big questions:  What is worthy of my time?  Is a hobby selfish?  Is self-care crucial or selfish?  Does blogging have a place in the New Evangelization, or am I […]

MSB {16}:  Jesus is the Sign

As I’ve been reviewing my life choices and discerning the future, I’ve slowed down my blogging.  You can read more about that here if you missed it.  But I didn’t want to miss My Sunday Best, because I actually managed to get a picture! Just now I’ve told the kids to “go downstairs and don’t come […]

A Step (Or Three) Back


  I’ve taken a step back from blogging. Two steps. Three steps. When Cee’s flare started to ramp up in October and then through the beginning of November, it didn’t get as depths-of-despair as it has in the past in our house.  Maybe it’s because we’ve gotten used to how life looks in a flare. […]

MSB {15}: New Shoes!

My Sunday Best:  New Shoes! Welcome to My Sunday Best, hosted by Rosie at a blog for my mom.   To Mass this week I wore the dress of always with a grey older-than-dirt sweater and black leggings.  The stars of the show are my new not-Croc shoes! Lands’ End ran a super great Black Friday […]

JEI {15}: Faith Formation Resources

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Welcome to the weekly link up, Just Enough Info (JEI).  The internets can be a great source of community, and I’d love to get to know you better!  Feel free to share your answers in the comments or link up if you have a blog. Faith Formation 1. Do your children attend your parish’s religious education program? […]