August 2016

MSB {7}: Preparing for Mass with a Tornado

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Check out Rosie’s place for more My Sunday Best. First off, can someone please tell me how Moe knows how to pose, but I don’t?!?! Secondly, can someone please give me a tutorial on posing? Today saw the same outfit mostly, as all the other Sundays.  But- – I got a new sweater during a super […]

SQT {11}: Wacko Wisdom, A Sermon Vitamin, and The Zelie Group

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Seven Quick Takes of Randomness! 1- Wacko Wisdom We’ve never actually started a list of the crazy things that we say as parents.   We should.  Usually it’s some sort of “wisdom” said with a straight face that we laugh about later. “Actually, it’s considered impolite to eat your soup with fingers.” “You can’t go outside without […]

The Zelie Group Kickoff

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  St. Zelie was the mother of St. Therese the Little Flower.  Somehow, simple Zelie Martin raised a Doctor of the Church.  It wasn’t because she was extraordinary– quite the contrary.  She seems especially ordinary from what I’ve read.  But she had faith.  She did her motherly duties with great love even in times of […]

Yes Day

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  After seeing My Little Poppies‘ post about having a “Yes Day,” I checked out the source of inspiration from the library. The premise? There’s one day a year that Mom and Dad can’t say no.  At all. The book doesn’t involve any outlandish requests for ponies or trips to Disneyland, but pizza for breakfast, piggyback […]

Wholesome Ice Cream (Dairy Free!)

  A lifesaver in the whole food world has been our improvised ice cream.  It’s almost too good to be true, because of its simplicity. Wholesome Ice Cream Ingredients: frozen ripe banana chunks (optional:  other frozen fruit, vanilla, cocoa powder, nut butters, etc.) (optional parent add in:  liquors of any sort) Peel, slice, and freeze banana chunks […]

MSB {6}: A little cheat

Welcome to the latest edition of My Sunday Best! Dress:  Thrifted Pants:  Dia & Co. Sweater:  Dress Barn (similar) Shoes:  Lands’ End (on sale now!)   “Hey wait a minute,” you might be thinking. “That’s not one of the 2 outfit rotation you always wear on Sundays…” I know.  I’m cheating. Sort of.   This *is* what I wore on […]

Teachers, Need Continuing Ed?  Try this!


In my old life I was a teacher. Man, I love teacher vests.  And apple mugs.  And the smell of new pencils.  …And kids and learning, of course.  But mostly the vests and crayons.  Just kidding.  Maybe. At any rate, my teaching license expires next year, and I’ve been on the fence about keeping it […]