July 2016

Everything I'm Not: Responsible Parenthood

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Jim Gaffigan’s answer to the question, “Why so many?” seems to be a good way to kick off a post about responsible parenthood for NFP Awareness Week: “Well, why not? I guess the reasons against having more children always seem uninspiring and superficial. What exactly am I missing out on? Money? A few more hours of sleep? […]

MSB {5}: The Pew Boss


My Sunday Best with The Pew Boss I have enjoyed linking up with My Sunday Best because it’s a means to swap Mass survival stories. But– I’m getting a little tired of posting the same picture of myself over and over.  I <3 Lands’ End and have been rotating their fit and flare dresses all summer.  (They […]

SQT {7): Creating a Homeschool I Love

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We’re coming out of 3 years of survival mode homeschooling due to Cee’s illness.  The kids and I have enjoyed parts, and we’ve learned too…but “loving our homeschool” hasn’t been a major focus.  It’s more of a fortunate occasional byproduct. I’ve been devouring a new-to-me blog lately.  I don’t really know the author, but she’s […]

Dia & Co. July 2016:  Another Shot

  I did it. I stewed for a long time, then I presented my constructive criticism to Dia & Co, a plus size styling service, after a less-than-stellar box. You can read all about my negative experience last month, but the gist is that the box didn’t seem like it was for me at all.  This […]

A Staycation: Australia!

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We use CHC’s Explore the Continents as a general guide for our staycation to Australia. We checked out all the books we could about Australia from the library.  The nonfiction books were all sort of standard, but there were some fiction books that we read and re-read. Best of Australia in Children’s Literature (We started […]

MSB {4}:  Of Baskets and Beetles


This is my Sunday best for the week.  If you’re actually interested in the details, here’s the scoop. My parents offered to watch Bea during Mass, so I was able to wear a necklace!  Fancy, right?  On to more interesting Sundayness. It’s become a thing among the kids that they MUST TOUCH THE BASKET passed […]

SQT {6}:  Our First Summer!


Okay.   Cee will be 8 this fall, but in many ways this is our first summer.  I worked full-time up until a few years ago, and then Cee got sick.  During those summer flares we were pretty limited on what we could do.  That makes this first job-free, flare-free summer all the sweeter!  Here’s what […]

MSB {3}:  Delighting in the Imperfect


This week at Mass Moe and I continued our discussion of the miracle of bread and cheese.  (Oh, you haven’t heard about that miracle before?)  He probably loves bread and cheese equally, so I imagine for him the whole thing is as much a mystery as the real Eucharist is. This week’s whispered theology conversation: […]