June 2016

Preparing for Yellowstone

I did not grow up camping.  I’m mostly an insidey kind of gal. David *did* grow up camping.  In a tent.  In places other than his own back yard. Now that we are married, that has meant that we are not a camping family.  The kids must have inherited a fascination with nature from David’s […]

MSB {2}:  The Theology of Cheese

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If this is your first time stopping by, be sure to subscribe through email —–> or through bloglovin. 🙂   Mass. With kids. (cue the most terrifying music ever known to humankind) The last two weeks we’ve resumed attending as a family after trying for the past yearish to split up so Moe didn’t go regularly. […]

SQT {5}:  Bea Loves


If this is your first time stopping by, don’t forget to follow Sweeping Up Joy on bloglovin or subscribe via email! Before Bea officially transitions from baby to toddler, I thought it might be fun to post some Bea favorites. Plus, I figured out how to make pictures bigger than this. What an opportunity for copious baby pictures! Favorite […]

The Year of Mercy in Picture Books

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If this is your first time stopping by, don’t forget to follow Sweeping Up Joy on bloglovin or subscribe via email! Pope Francis declared a Jubilee Year of Mercy that will wrap up in November.  In looking to ways to mark this special year, I know that my kids learn best through stories.  They have memorized the […]

Dia & Co. Review June 2016:  A Diasappointment

I’m grumpy. Crabby. Disappointed.  DIAsappointed.  (See what I did there?) I’ve got my duckface out for this latest round of Dia & Co.  I was excited to try this plus size style box service last month, and I was pleased!  My relationship with clothes and shopping has been rocky, and I was grateful for a new […]

MSB {1}:  Lands' End Love

Thanks, Rosie, for hosting the link up My Sunday Best!  This is my first time participating.  🙂 I had Cee take this picture as we were walking out the door to Mass, with instructions to make sure my feet and head were in the shot.  My head was in the shot…but it was awkward…so I cropped my whole head […]

SQT {4}:  The good, the bad, and the crusty


Linking up with Kelly for quick takes! 1.  The Good:  Cee is finishing up her standardized testing for the year.   Many strong opinions exist on standardized testing, and we fall somewhere in the middle.  I appreciate the insight into how my kids handle the standard directions without any extra explanation or discussion.  But- – -our testing […]

Make-A-Wish Denial


  Why I told no one about our trip My mom made me do it.  She “encouraged” me to apply to Make-A-Wish for Cee.  I resisted applying for quite awhile- – we’ve benefited from the generosity of others before on this journey of chronic illness.  It seemed greedy to hope for more, especially something frivolous like […]

Pumpkin Pancake Crumbles

It took me a long time to figure out what to call this recipe. “Weird McGeerd Pumpkin Scrambled Eggs” is probably more accurate.  But no one is going to want to make pumpkin scrambled eggs, no matter how good they actually taste.  It sounds gross-o. Here’s the back story.  We have a recipe for paleo […]