May 2016

Real Time Books Spring 2016

Here are the highlights of what we’ve been reading aloud (re-al? Get it?).  We love reading together, and I’m glad to have a blog to keep our reading lists all in one place now.  I’m not going to try to remember all the books we read this spring, so the list will just be from […]

SQT {3}: Busy Kid Edition


Here are the highlights of what the kidlets have been up to this week -1- Bea is officially out of the “easy baby” stage and into the “into everything” stage.  She’s also started making a noise we call the angry pig squeal when she doesn’t get her way.  She made David’s glasses an offer they […]

A Resignation Reversal


I called David at about 9:30 this morning.  I told him that I was resigning.  I asked if he wanted me to be done at end of the business day today, or if he’d prefer the traditional two weeks. – I told him about the hate note I got from Elle (so proud of her […]

Dia & Co. Review: May 2016

I have recently started focusing on being a better mother and wife by being becoming the best version of myself.  For me, that has included the step of developing my sense of style and actually purchasing clothing that reflects that. I’ve talked about my feelings toward fashion and shopping and how that led me to Dia […]

My Style Journey


I have sisters who are stylish.  Who wear all sorts of interesting things and make them look good.  (One of my sisters could literally wear a horse blanket with twine holding it on and look ah-mazing.  She could wear the VonTrapp drapes and be adorable!)  I walk into a store having no idea what would […]

Book Rage


We are missing a library book. I have checked everywhere it would be reasonable for a book to be…under beds, mixed in with our other books, between the couch cushions. I have checked many places it would be unreasonable for a book to be… amidst the clean, folded towels in the bathroom, in the bench […]

Rainsticks and bongos and chimes, oh my!

We were out of town this past weekend, so we attended Mass in a parish other than our own.  Our experience has sparked some inner turmoil and discussion. Before Mass, the choir started a song which shook me out of my prayer in surprise–there were bongos in the song.  I tapped David gently over Elle’s […]

SQT {2}: An Almost Poopy Mother's Day


The Solo-Parenting Edition -1- The girls love picking dandelions for me.  I do my best to put them in water right away, but they still don’t last long.  The other day I challenged the girls to a dandelion picking contest, and here is Elle with her winning bunch. We don’t spray for weeds, but both […]

Watermelon Pops


We don’t really do much for sweets around these parts.  We’ve done some baking with almond flour and coconut flour, but they tend to be expensive.  Fruit has become our go-to dessert and snack.  For months the kids have been asking if the grocery store has watermelon yet, because they couldn’t wait to start having watermelon pops […]

Momsolation -- The Results


After reading Carrot’s thoughts on the pressures of being a mom in today’s society, I set five goals for myself this week.  I’ve never really set goals, but I’ve known for a while that I’ve been failing self-care.  It seemed like time to at least pretend to try. I’ve thought about making little changes before, but honestly–I […]